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At Timber Coast Construction, we specialize in turning your home dreams into reality. Whether you're looking to update your kitchen, refresh your bathroom, or add more space to your home, our team of experienced contractors is here to help. Fill out our simple online form now to get a free, no-obligation quote. Start your home transformation journey with us today and see why we're the trusted choice for quality remodeling in your area.

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How We Use Cookies

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What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

This is a good company! I had a lot of work done by them. New siding that completely changed my home. New kitchen cabinets, flooring and work done to my bathroom. I had my front and back doors and the frames done with security doors. Now my home is very secure!!! I am so thankful. I had almost everyone from the company working on my home. Thank you, Sergio, Robbie, Dane, John, Tim, Dan and Thank you too Tyson for helping me along the way!!!

Tricia Burelson

The staff that worked in our home was very professional and courteous. The work was completed in a timely manner and well done. They were very good at notifying us when they would be at our house, and kept us updated on the progress of the work. thanks!

Zach Place

This company did quality work! We had another contractor install tile and were unhappy with the work in the end. Timber Coast Construction made everything look perfect. We had high-end luxury vinyl flooring installed, and it looks amazing! They installed it perfectly. We also moved plumbing and electrical to remodel a laundry room. The workers were good about cleaning up after the jobs each day. Communication was a bit complicated, but we were also remodeling during the pandemic. If you want quality work, you should use Timber Coast Construction. They will make sure that you are happy, and the job is done well!

Rebecca Norman

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